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A Better Future: Choosing Handcrafted Soaps Over Industrialized Production

Imagine gently covering your shampoo bars for the night and saying goodbye to them, as if they were cherished friends. For Gifty, our chief production officer at &Better, that's what she does. Handcrafting soap is an art and a ritual. It's the reason we choose to make small batches of soap with love, dedication, and quality in mind.

Big firms often choose industrialized processes. They make large quantities of soap to reduce costs and maximize profits. In doing so, they move away from the craft and the human touch. Artisans who once poured their hearts into soap making are replaced by machines.

Moreover, large-scale production pushes big firms to seek bulk purchases and cost savings. They favor large, easy-to-manage suppliers over small, dedicated farmers. As a result, they miss out on exceptional ingredients, like our Ghana handcrafted unrefined shea butter. This compromises quality and impacts the livelihoods of small farmers.

At &Better, we take a different approach. We use the cold process soap making technique. This requires us to create small quantities of soap over four weeks. It’s fewer volume and more costs than big players. However, we only use the best ingredients, and we are willing to wait for 4 weeks to use the cold process soap making, to maintain the best nutritions from ingredients, with humans at the heart of every step.You can learn more the benefits of cold process soap making and values behind it in our blog.

Gifty, our talented soap maker, invests time and energy into each batch. She knows that every detail matters. She says, "There's a certain love. You can watch and see the transformation, you see oil, you have to be attentive."

Handcrafted soap making requires a lot of attention and expertise from soap makers. How attentive Gifty is? One Christmas season, she had to redo a batch of soap after a friend insisted on observing the process. The soaps didn't meet her high standards, so she remade them all, staying true to her commitment to quality.

This dedication allows us to work with small, high-quality suppliers who share our passion for excellence. While big firms seek cost-effective, mass-produced ingredients, we seek the finest, ethically sourced ingredients like handcrafted shea butter.

Moreover, opting for handcrafted soap is not only a treat for your skin, but also a step towards a more sustainable future. Picture a world where soap making is kind to the environment, and each bar is crafted with genuine care. This is core of handcrafted soap making.

Handcrafted soaps at &Better use all-natural ingredients, reducing the need for synthetic chemicals that can harm the environment. During production, fewer pollutants are released into the air and water, resulting in a cleaner and greener process.

When you choose handcrafted soap, you become part of a story that embraces nature and sustainability. Each time you lather up, you're not only cleansing your skin, but also supporting a conscientious approach to soap making.

At &Better, we prioritize quality over mass production. We craft shampoo bars that are a true labor of love. It's the human touch and the story behind our handcrafted soaps that set us apart. It's what makes &Better the perfect choice for a more caring, sustainable future.
Cold-processed Soap

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