Sustainability in every step

At our core, we believe in the power of craftsmanship and essentials for the future of personal care. Every product we create is infused with purpose, love, and care. We carefully select high-quality vegan ingredients to handcraft our products without sacrificing top quality or aesthetics. Our focus is on keeping only the essentials and leaving behind anything unnecessary. We source our plant-based oils directly from local organic farms in Ghana, supporting sustainable and fair trade practices with local women's cooperatives. Sustainability and clean personal care start at the source, and we're committed to eliminating harsh chemicals from every step of our supply chain. Join us in our pledge to elevate personal care for a better you and a better world.


Aloe Vera

Soothes, refreshes, and hydrates skin while addressing dark spots and puffiness. Humectant derived from aloe plants.

Apple Cider

Rich in natural fruit acids and minerals. Balances the scalp’s ph, and makes your hair shiny, silky and manageable.

Argan Oil

Deeply moisturizing and frizz reducing plant-based oil.Nourishes and softens hai.Cold-pressed from argan tree kernels.

Avocado Oil

This skin superfood is rich in vitamins, nourishes, and moisturizes skin. Emollient, cold-pressed from avocado fruit.

Bentonite Clay

Detoxifies toxins,exfoliates dead skin, dirt & oil buildup. A type of natural clay made from volcanic ash. 

Castor Oil

A powerful humectant that locks in moisture for long-lasting hydration. Extracted from castor beans.

Cetyl Alcohol

Creates a smooth texture for easy application. Improves manageability. produced from natural vegetable oils.

Cocoa Butter

Unrefined cocoa butter made from hand-harvested cocoa beans. A moisturizing & nourishing powerhouse from Ghana.

Geogard ECT

This natural preservative protects against bacteria, yeast, and mold. Gentle, and non-irritating for most skin types.


Natural humectant obtained from plant oils. Attracts moisture to skin. Its gentle and non-irritating for all skin types.

Kaolin Clay

This powerful exfoliant is made from kaolinite. Removes dead skin and impurities.Reduces excess oil. Detoxifies toxins

Kelp Powder

A large brown seaweed rich in trace minerals,vitamins, and detoxifying nutrients. Help retain hydration in the skin.

Incroquat BTMS-50

An emulsifier used for detangling and conditioning. It improves manageability. Produced from plant-based ingredients.

Oat Protein

Fortifies hair with essential amino acids, creating a protective layer around the hair shaft for added resilience.

Olive Pomace

An emollient rich in polyphenols, squalene, vitamins A, E.  Moisturizes skin, strengthens hair. Sourced from olive remnants.

Shea Butter

Unrefined shea butter from Ghana’s local farms. Its essential fatty acids deeply moisturizes, nourishes skin and hair.

Coconut Oil

Certified organic, hand-grown, and harvested in Ghana. Removes dirt and buildup while deeply conditioning hair.

Palm Kernel Oil

An emollient thst softens skin, conditions hair.Edible plant oil derived from sustainably-grown palm tree kernels.


Pro-vitamin B5 is a moisture magnet.Enhances hair elasticity. Derived from natural plant-based ingredients.


Polyphenols, squalene rich emollient. Moisturizes, protects skin, strengthens hair. Sourced from olive remnants.

Seaweed Extract

Locks in long-lasting hydration. Regulate oil production. Obtained from sustainably harvested seaweed.

Sunflower Oil

A natural emollient rich in fatty acids and vitamins,. Hydrates & moisturizes skin, pressed from sunflower seeds.

Verisoft EQ 65

A natural conditioning agent. It helps to detangle hair and leaves it soft.Derived from natural plant-based ingredients.

Vitamin E

Improve hair texture and elasticity, leaving your locks looking vibrant. Derived from natural plant-based ingredients