Understanding Ingredients: What's Green, What's Not?

We all want to take care of ourselves and our families, but sometimes it's hard to know what's in the products we use. Many brands claim to be green or natural, but not all green products are the same. It is necessary to distinguish between natural ingredients, natural origin, and organic ingredients. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of personal care product ingredients and what makes them "green."
  • Natural ingredients are chemical substances that are unprocessed or only processed using natural methods. These natural methods may include mechanical, manual, naturally derived solvent, gravitational means, or heating.
  • Natural-derived ingredients are processed or combined with other ingredients. These mainly have vegetable, mineral, or animal origins. However, they do not include ingredients from petroleum or fossil fuels. Ingredients that are bio-manufactured using saponification are excluded from this category as well.
  • Finally, organic ingredients are substances that come from farms that use mechanical, physical, or biologically based methods to the fullest extent possible.
Most "natural" and "soap-free" products use synthetic detergents and they are classified as synthetic and natural origin products. Most of these products are on the safer side of the scale when your health is concerned, but they are not really chemical-free. Some chemical residue always remains in the final product. Please also be aware that they have important negative impacts on our oceans and marine life. As these products are not natural or organic, consumers never get the full benefits of potent ingredients. Unfortunately, these benefits are lost during the chemical process.
All &Better ingredients are either natural or organic, with the latter being more important for a healthy body. We use only food-grade shea butter and coconut oil to deliver maximum nutrition benefits in every product we make - this means that you're getting all your vitamins without any unnecessary chemicals! Our products don't just promise satisfaction; they actually live up to those claims because their quality speaks volumes about what's inside: real natural substances delivered straight from the farms and free of industrial contaminants.

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