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Self-Care Sunday Series 3- Embracing Nature Therapy, Mindful Cleaning, and Purposeful Planning

Welcome to the third series of our Self-Care Sundays! This week, we'll explore nature therapy, mindful cleaning, and purposeful planning as powerful tools for self-improvement. Get ready to reap the benefits of reconnecting with nature, transforming your cleaning routine into a mindful practice, and planning for a better future as we conclude our journey towards a happier, healthier you.

Feel Better: Nature Therapy

Being close to nature can give us a passionate and lively feeling. Research has shown that even just looking at pictures or videos of natural scenery can increase people's vitality, while looking at human-built structures does not have the same effect.

In a field experiment, the impact of being in the city center, urban parks, and natural forest parks on people's psychological state was compared. The results showed that people who stayed in city parks and forest parks for an hour after work reported higher positive emotions and vitality than those in the city center.

Analysis of people's diaries also shows that people who spend time outdoors every day report higher levels of vitality, even after controlling for exercise intensity. In other words, even if you don't exercise outdoors, just taking a walk or spending some time outside every day can make you feel more energetic.

If this is not possible, creating a good indoor environment can also help us get closer to nature. For example, opening windows for ventilation, placing plants, and sitting in areas with good lighting can enhance our vitality and help us recover from work stress and mental fatigue.

If you still have limited opportunities to get close to nature every day, try to set aside some time on your commute to take a walk where you can see trees or decorate your work and living environment with natural elements. This way, you can get closer to nature and feel more alive.

Moreover, to connection with nature, you can also take a mindful shower with &Better’s all-natural scents.

&Better's exquisite natural scents, crafted from pure essential oils, bring the unparalleled beauty of nature therapy right to your doorstep. Immerse yourself in the enchanting aromas of our diverse range of scents, transporting you to the serenity of an afternoon in the garden, where the air is filled with the invigorating aroma of grapefruit and mint leaves, and the refreshing coolness of marine dew.

Picture yourself wandering through a lush garden, surrounded by the soothing fragrance of lavender, salt-sprayed wildflowers, and green ocean moss. Let your senses guide you to the farmers market on a warm, sunny day, where the aroma of garden-fresh tomatoes, lemon, and herby basil fill the air. As you continue to explore the fragrant paradise, you'll encounter the tantalizing tropical mist, where sweet coconut and pineapple dance with fresh green herbs and the warmth of cardamom.

Finally, surrender to the vibrant burst of Sweet Tangerine, where tangelo, grapefruit, and nectarine shine brightly, balanced by the sophistication of rosewood, vetiver, and soft amber. With &Better's all-natural, eco-friendly products, your self-care rituals become an escape to nature's wonderland, filling your senses with the essence of the earth and nurturing your soul.

Look Better: Mindful Cleaning

Transforming your home cleaning routine into a mindful practice can elevate the mundane task of tidying up into an opportunity for self-care and personal growth.

To begin, set the tone for mindful cleaning by establishing a calm and inviting atmosphere in your home. As you start your cleaning routine, make a conscious effort to focus on the present moment. Pay attention to your movements and the sensations you experience as you clean.

As you declutter your space, consider the impact of each item on your mental and emotional well-being. Do the objects around you bring you joy, or do they contribute to stress and clutter? Use this mindful cleaning practice as an opportunity to reassess your possessions and let go of anything that no longer serves you.

Once your cleaning is complete, take a moment to appreciate the serene, clutter-free environment you've created. Reflect on the positive feelings you experienced during your mindful cleaning practice and carry those emotions with you throughout the rest of your day.

Do Better: Purposeful Planning

As your self care Sunday winds down, it's the perfect time to engage in an introspective exercise that allows you to reflect on your experiences throughout the day and set intentions for the upcoming week.

Contemplate the activities that brought you the most joy and inner peace today. Was it the warm embrace of sunlight during your morning walk, the laughter shared with a loved one, or the tranquility of a yoga session? No matter how small these moments may seem, acknowledging their impact on your well-being is crucial to understanding the importance of self-care.

Now that you've captured the essence of your self care Sunday, it's time to set intentions for the upcoming week. Reflect on how you can continue to prioritize self care and maintain a sense of balance in your daily life. Perhaps you can incorporate a short meditation session into your morning routine or schedule a weekly catch-up with a dear friend.

Congratulations on completing the Self-Care Sundays 21-day challenge! By embracing these activities and incorporating them into your daily routine, you've embarked on a lifelong journey of self-care, personal growth, and mindfulness. Remember to revisit these activities whenever you need a self-care boost and continue to share your progress with us. Here's to a happier, healthier, and more mindful future!


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