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Romanticizing Routine: &Better Reflects NY Times Trend

Dive into a New York Times feature and you'll find something catchy: "Romanticize Your Life." It's a simple idea that's been catching on, especially during those tough pandemic days. 

It's about finding the joy in your everyday life. It's these 'everydays' that make up the bulk of our lives, not just the vacations or rare events

Just like &Better, it's about mindfulness and minimalism. It's about moving beyond the chase for the grand experiences and instead enjoying what's already here with us, just waiting to be noticed.

It ties in pretty neatly with what &Better is all about - finding beauty in simplicity, making everyday feel like a special day. 

Think of it like this - a Reddit user found happiness in blowing bubbles while washing coffee pots at work. It's about turning mundane into magical.

"Romanticize Your Life" offers a sense of control when everything else is spinning. It's an invitation to shape your perspective and your response to what life throws at you. It resonates with what we at &Better believe - that you can turn your daily life into a natural, feel-good, self-care experience.

So, here's to appreciating the present moment, the now. It's all part of &Better's mission - to turn your everyday into a moment of tranquility and rejuvenation. Here's to making the ordinary, extraordinary.

(News Source: The New York Times)

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