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Conquer Nighttime Anxiety

Got trouble sleeping? Can't stop thinking about that embarrassing thing you did or tomorrow's big presentation? Why do I feel more anxious at night? You're not alone.

A New York Times report has got you covered. It explains why anxiety loves the night and what you can do about it.

Sleeping, ironically, could be the riskiest thing we do, says Dr. Rafael Pelayo, an expert in sleep medicine from Stanford Medicine. In old times, staying alert at night helped our ancestors spot dangers. Today, it's these same nighttime alerts that leave us wrestling with insomnia.

Sleep anxiety and sleep loss - a duo that Dr. Sarah Chellappa, a neuroscientist, calls a vicious cycle. One leads to the other, and breaking free is a real challenge.

When you're juggling tasks all day, your brain shoves worries aside. But when you hit the pillow, without any distractions, anxiety takes center stage. It's like your body can't tell whether you're about to be pounced on by a tiger or just anxious about tomorrow's big presentation. And there's more bad news - lack of sleep makes it harder for us to distinguish between real threats and harmless worries, leading to even more anxiety.

On the bright side, good sleep can tame your anxiety over time. So, how can we get better sleep habits and reduce bedtime anxiety?

Let's dive into some NY Times sleep tips.

Establish a caffeine cut-off

Cut off your caffeine intake at least 10 hours before bedtime. Remember, caffeine doesn't just keep you awake, it can make your anxiety worse.

Journal your worries

Overthinking at night? Try jotting down your thoughts and tasks before you sleep. It'll keep those intrusive thoughts at bay and reduce sleep stress.

Look forward to tomorrow

Try to find something positive about the upcoming day. A tasty breakfast, a morning walk, or a favorite podcast can create positive thoughts and help manage sleep stress.

If your bedtime worries persist, it might be time to see a sleep medicine specialist. They can help figure out what's keeping you up at night. Dr. Pelayo has comforting words for those suffering from sleep disorders, "If you've ever slept well, you can sleep well again."

Another trick up our sleeve is using the &Better body wash bar. Mindful showering at night can help ease into sleep and can serve as a natural sleep aid.

Now, armed with these tips to improve your sleep quality, it's time to take control of your nighttime anxiety and drift off to dreamland.

Remember, the night doesn't have to be a battlefield. With some &Better solutions, it can become your sanctuary.

(News Source: New York Times)


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